by Hunter Dawkins

At the recent board of aldermen meeting at Long Beach City Hall last Tuesday, several tedious discussions occurred when handling city business.  After several concerns and an executive session took place about potential litigation, the “Friendly City” settled the friction.

Initially, the first dispute came on the recent city planning commission minutes that sought approval by the board, as a portion was taken out.

Casey Pennington, the representative speaking for this property on Fred Allen Road that requested a Resubdivision from the commission, was directed to provide additional information to the Building Official on her intentions of installing extended roadways for emergency vehicles.  Long Beach Fire Chief Griff Skellie expressed a need for 35 feet in the road to get an emergency vehicle between Fred and Cliff Allen Roads.

Another examination came from Alderman Mark Lishen about variance and a cost of this request.  Following the city approved the variance as requested on 167 South Ocean Wave, which submitted by Barlow Builders, Inc and to assess the in lieu of payment at the City Engineer’s recommendation of $1,265 minus the 12 feet of driveway that was included in the calculation inadvertently.

City Attorney Jim Simpson recommended adopting a contract with AGJ Systems and Networks for communication at he Long Beach Police Department except for taking out two paragraphs.  The board unanimously agreed to the contract and allowed the mayor to authorize the contract.

In other actions, the Pickering Firm was given the ability by the board to help the city prepare a $1 million dollar grant application.  If this was awarded to the city, the grant would require a $250,000 match.  Then, a request to the county for sand at the Fetch Dog Park before the grand opening was approved by the board.

Finally, the city approved a contract with Lagniappe Construction Company for Clower Avenue water system improvements based on the suggestion of the city engineer.

Franchise Agreements from C-Spire and Southern Light were tabled due to one nor finishing approval of the city ordinance.  No contract has been received from GSE Consulting Engineers and the Ward 2 Planning & Development Commission Appointment was tabled to the October 15th meeting.

At the request of City Attorney Simpson, the board unanimously carried to declare an executive session for the transaction of public business, to wit: for discussing with and seek legal advice regarding potential litigation and lease negotiations.  The city came out with no action taken on any matters.

The next board of aldermen meeting is scheduled for October 15 at 5pm in Long Beach City Hall.