by The Great Foodini

I apologize for not bringing you guys a new review for the past couple of weeks. You see, the food just doesn’t taste as good as it once did for me.

Don’t worry, I know that this is just a temporary setback. I’ll explain…For as long as I have lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I have been friends with a wonderful radio personality known as Kipp Greggory.

Kipp was one of those friends who always had a sarcastic comment or a snarky quip, but rooted in love. I always felt amazing when I was around Kipp because of his fondness for life, his friends and food. Kipp and I bonded over food. We judged BBQ competitions together and he hosted my radio segment (The Great Foodini) on his show the Kipp Greggory hour at Supertalk MS.

For a good bit, I would call into the station and Kipp would ask Ole Foodini where folks should take their spouses on date night. We would laugh and joke about food. Off the air, we would go meet up at spots and “sample” dishes.

Some could say that, my entire relationship revolved around food, but it didn’t evolve from food. You see, when I got to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I was friendless here and since serving in the Army and losing friends in Afghanistan, I have had a hard making the leap to make new ones. Kipp helped me make that leap by his caring nature and willingness to invite me to things like food tastings and one of his favorite spots, The Magnolia House in Harrah’s. Kipp reminded me the importance of friendship again.

Kipp made everyone he loved feel important. He called me friend and he called me brother. We didn’t always agree on things like whether Okra belongs in Gumbo or not, but I always felt like my opinion was valued.

His wife Jo, will miss his red beans and rice and his daughter Stormi will miss his gumbo. Kipp was an excellent cook and died doing what he loved, cooking for others as he fell from a heart attack in the kitchen the day he died.

Kipp, you will always be remembered for your love of life, family, friends and food.