Gazebo Gazette

Friday morning, CSX representative Joel Yelverton gave Long Beach Teacher Carol Paola a $5000 Grant Award at Thomas L. Reeves Elementary in Long Beach.  The grant money was given through CSX’s Pride in Service program.

Paola’s grant “Preserving our Past with Patriotism, Service, and Pride in Place” is unique in its impact with a mission to develop patriotism and pride in place by providing educational, outreach and service experiences that honor and highlight:

contributions of early residents of Long Beach and the impact of the railroad on Coast communities through transportation of goods and services;

ways in which first responders, community governments have partnered make our communities safer;

the contributions of military families who have made Long Beach their homes; and

through playground experiences provide ways for military children to interact and form friendships

My vision for this project is that current and future generations will recognize and appreciate the importance of local history, preservation of historic sites, and the impact of early residents and the railroad on Long Beach and the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” Paola said.

CSX is proud to support people and organizations that in turn honor those who serve our communities. They offer monetary and in-kind resources to nonprofit organizations advocating for the betterment of our nation’s military members or community first responders, and have additional resources available to support other community efforts.