by Hunter Dawkins

The city of Long Beach handled a few minor issues, but one important was the renewal of the annual insurance program Tuesday evening.  Corporate Sales Executive and the city’s insurance advisor Tom Sawyer recommended that the city maintain their current policy through Travelers Insurance due to the benefits from this plan.

Long Beach Mayor George Bass suggested to the Board of Aldermen that the city stick with this coverage because of a “$20,000” increase in benefits.  The board voted unanimously to keep the Travelers Insurance plan.

Following this vote, Alderman Mark Lishen brought up a discussion about a new business on Pineville Road.  After hearing their presentation of being an assisted living facility, Lishen asked if they would be distributing narcotics, which the representatives of the new facility said yes, but only by doctor’s orders.  The board unanimously approved the planning commission’s recommendation to operate this assisted living facility.

According to the business owners, the facility would not surpass six patients at one time.

City Attorney Jim Simpson did hear back from Southern Light on the franchise agreement, however, the company suggested a change.  Simpson decided to table the franchise agreements from both companies due to a non-communication from C-Spire and not discussing the change that Southern Light requested to the city.

Additionally, Simpson tabled the contract with GSE Consulting Engineers and the Inspection Engineering Services because no contract was available yet.

In other actions, the Board of Aldermen purchased cemetery plots for David & Linda Powell, the city decided to participate in the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Long Beach Cemetery, and acknowledge the road closures in Harrison County.  After Mayor Bass inquired to Simpson if this would have any effect on city roads, the city attorney stated this would not have anything to do with city roads.

One more concern was discussion on a reconsideration request from a denial of variance.  Keith Rachuba made a request to the city because of a power pole, which the board unanimously approved after deliberation.  Although, Rachuba was told that a primary structure was to be built within six months or the power meter would be removed.

At the Mayor request, authorization for the maintenance of the generator at City Hall was granted for $1660.95 with unanimous approval.

Eighteen step increases were adopted to the Fire & Water Departments, City Clerk, and Municipal Court.  A new hire from the building official’s office and resignation from the library.

Long Beach Police Chief Billy Seal was recognized to speak on behalf of a group letter being submitted to the state legislature about a mental health initiative.  Seal expressed a need for the mental health facility due to the lack of current location to bring individuals.

The Board unanimously awarded the bid for the Clower Avenue improvements to Lagniappe Construction.  Then, the contract for dredging the Harbor and a change order in the Lovers Lane drainage improvement were unanimously approved by the board.

Finally, the property at 125 Harris Avenue was reviewed in photos by the board and the property was unanimously declared in compliance.

Not the same for the 0 Park Row property, where the owners were still not located, so the city delivered the fine of $1500 for cleaning fees to be assessed to the land.

Then, the schedules for the public hearing of derelict properties were set for October 15 at 5pm in City Hall to determine a public health hazard.

No action was taken on the executive session concerning property.