by Hunter Dawkins

Saturday morning, authorities confirmed the death of Harrison County Sheriff Officer Glenn Everett Roe after a multiple vehicle wreck that happened near the St. Martin community in western Jackson County.  Roe and his wife; Melanie, an officer in the Wiggins Police Department were driving motorcycles that struck a Toyota pickup truck.  The pickup truck turned in front of the two motorcycles, as both motorists were struck on the passenger side.

Glenn was pronounced deceased by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office while Melanie was sent to a local hospital.

“Our prayers are with the Roe family and other law enforcement officers on the Coast,” said Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson.  “It’s times like this, we see how strong we are.”

With over 30 years of law enforcement experience, Roe and fellow Pass Christian Police Department’s Sergeant Chris Williams became close friends.

“Glenn and I are actually from the same hometown in Vicksburg,” said Williams, who worked with Roe for two years at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.  “Usually if one of us was seen riding their Harley Davidson, the other (along with his wife Melanie) wasn’t far behind.”

Sergeant Williams expressed his appreciation of all that Roe did in the community and the friendship they had by hanging out together in many local places, such as the Biloxi Elks Lodge.

One story shared by Williams was that he could still hear the excitement in Roe’s voice on the night he found a Harley Davidson to buy at a local store in Long Beach.  Roe expressed his discomfort in riding it back alone, but Williams told him of his early morning shift.

“We are best friends and I need you to teach me how to ride it,” was Roe’s comment according to Williams.  “So I did what a good friend would do and rode the bike back for him.”

Following Saturday’s loss, Sergeant Williams and other officials conveyed a great fellowship with Roe and said how much he will be missed.