by Calvin Ishee

Although the weather prognosticators called for rain, nothing could dampen the spirit of those who wanted to celebrate with Robin’s Nest owner, Dorothy Roberts, her sisters Sally-Ann and Robin Roberts as well as the Robin’s Nest Team. The store was packed with enthusiastic customers from “all over” who patiently waited to meet the Roberts Sisters, also known as “sisters three”.    

Just four years ago, after many years of selflessly serving others as a social worker,  Dorothy followed her dream and opened the Robin’s Nest. Robin Roberts proudly stated that the Robin’s Nest “celebrates the creative spirit in all of us”.  Robin’s Nest is your “go to” destination for really cool, unique, high quality products that features local artists.   They’ve got the Power Collection, D. Roberts Collection, Collection 255, featured gifts, inspirational books, bath & body products and a whole lot more!

Also joining the celebration was New Orleans Master Musician and Trumpeter Mario Abney. Mario thrilled the crowd with jazz of all flavors. Mario has been touted in various forums as a trumpeter “who plays his own blend of soul and progressive groove jazz with passion”.  Mario is also the son in law of Sally-Ann Roberts.

After the event Dorothy and Robin Roberts were kind enough to answer a couple of interview questions:

Gazebo Gazette: What does this anniversary mean to you?

Dorothy Roberts:  Each passing year there is a sense of accomplishment. You know we have moved from infancy to being a toddler, so there’s still a lot to learn. Each anniversary helps me know we are continuing to meet the needs of our customers!  It’s a personal accomplishment made through team effort. I’m grateful for the local and national support the store receives. The best thing about owning a business in Pass Christian is we are contributing to our community. My parents taught us to take an active role in our community. Owning Robin’s Nest in the Pass allows me to keep that legacy going.

GG: How do you feel about the success of the Robin’s Nest?

Robin Roberts: I’m so proud of Dorothy!  What she and her staff have been able to accomplish these past few years is remarkable. The store is beautiful and inviting. I may give it some national exposure but the big reason for its success are the wonderful locals who faithfully shop there. Thank you and bless you for that.

GG:  How important are your ties to the Pass?

RR:  Passionate about the Pass is more than a hashtag to me. I’m truly passionate about my hometown and my spirits lift every time I visit. Early morning walks along Scenic Drive, getting coffee at Cat Island Coffeehouse, a delicious bite to eat at Hooks or Pirates Cove and being greeted with warm hugs soothes my soul. There honestly is no place like home.

GG:  One football question, can the Saints still make it to the Super Bowl in spite of losing Drew Brees for at least 6 weeks?

RR:  Who dat! And I believe!  No doubt it’s a major blow having Drew out for so long but he’ll still be a leader for the team and Teddy has benefited from watching and learning from the best.