Gazebo Gazette

Thursday, August 8, a 16 year old male juvenile suspect was arrested on the felony charge of making terrorist threats.  At approximately 8:30am, a Harrison County School Resource Deputy on duty at West Harrison High School off County Farm Road in Gulfport received information about a social media post authored by the 16 year old suspect displaying a picture of guns threatening the high school.

According to Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson, School Resource Officers notified the school and standard protocol precautions were put into place while investigators traveled to the juvenile’s residence.  The juvenile was located at his home and taken into custody by the Sheriff Department without incident.

The guns depicted in the social media post and additional evidence were seized during a search of the residence.  Harrison County School District listed the student at West Harrison in 2018, but was not registered for the 2019 year to date.

After the Harrison County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigative Division interviewed and charged the juvenile with making terrorist threats, he was brought to the Juvenile Detention Facility without bond pending appearance before a Family Court Judge.