by Calvin Ishee

In a letter dated July 26th from the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety (MOHS), MOHS announced the approval of $15,000 in 402 Police Services Funding for fiscal year 2020. The money will be spent to support 3 checkpoints, 6 saturation patrols, generate earned media, publicize patrol activities results, participate in National Blitz campaigns such as “Click It or Ticket”, as well as participating in State Blitz campaigns with enhanced law enforcement such as Christmas/New Years, Super Bowl, 4th of July and Labor Day.

Although the grant mandates “performance measures” that include targets for the number of seatbelt tickets issued, number of child restraint tickets issued and the number of speeding tickets issued, PC Police Chief Daren Freeman stated that “the Pass Christian Police Department has never had “quotas” for these actions nor will they ever have them under his leadership”.

In other police related business, two officers received an increase in pay due to their meeting certification requirements; Board approval to use City Courtyard on Tuesday, October 1st from 5-7 p.m. for “National Night Out Against Crime”; acceptance of a beverage air refrigerator valued at $4,000 from the US Customs and Border Protection office and the approval of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office in joint cooperation on the Mississippi Internet Crimes Against Children Program.

In an effort to ensure fairness and equity for harbor slip rentals, the Board unanimously voted to amend City Ordinance 401 that sets new slip rental fees for pleasure boats.  According to PC Harbor Master J. Marty Tiller, “in addition to an increase in utility costs, we didn’t think it was right that all pleasure boat owners paid the same fee regardless of the size of the boat. The new fees will be based on the boat size instead of a flat fee of $30 for all boats”

Personnel matters included the hiring of Pass Christian resident Tom Duffy as the new PC Community Development Director; temporary hiring of Kevin Fitzpatrick as Acting Building Code Officer to assist Duffy during his transition; the resignations of firefighter Eddie Wally and reserve law enforcement officer Michael Nault and the reappointment of Eugene Russell to the Zoning Board Commission.

Donut lovers will be happy because a new donut shop will be coming to the Pass in the very near future. The shop will be called Hole-N-One and will be located at Keith’s Super Store #109, on Highway 90.

The Board unanimously approved their request for new signage. In recognition and support of this year’s One Book One Pass Program, Wendy Allard, PC Librarian, Margaret McMullan, local author and Scott Naugle, local business owner, presented the Board with a copy of this year’s book, “The Soul of America: The Battle for Better Angels” by Jon Meacham.

Budget workshops were discussed on Wednesday and Thursday, financial details, department suggestions, and city recommendations will be provided in the next edition.