Gazebo Gazette

The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and Nunez Community College (NCC) have entered into an agreement that will establish a transferable pathway for NCC students to become eligible for direct admission into USM’s Applied Technology and Industrial Engineering Technology/Logistics programs.

USM and NCC officials took part in the signing ceremony on July 10 at the USM Gulf Park campus in Long Beach.

Through this agreement, students will have access to a pathway for successfully completing an Applied Technology Bachelor of Science degree or Industrial Engineering Technology/Logistics Bachelor of Science degree from USM.

“Partnerships such as the Nunez Community College partnership respond to local, state, and regional workforce demand. Both the Logistics and Applied Technology Bachelor of Science programs demonstrate close ties and partnerships with business and industry,” said Dr. Cyndi Huff Gaudet, Interim Co-Director for USM’s School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Professional Development and Professor of Human Capital Development.

The fully online programs offer ease of access for students seeking to complete a bachelor’s degree, regardless of their geographic location.

“The Applied Technology partnership promotes a ‘no-dead-end’ pathway for students completing community college technical programs. The Applied Technology BS degree program builds on students’ technology foundation learned from the community college and helps students advance their careers by integrating the communication, collaboration, change leadership, supervisor and project management skills required for today’s high-growth, high-demand workforce,” Gaudet said.

“The Industrial Engineering Technology/Logistics partnership with Nunez Community College ensures both institutions are proactively addressing challenges and opportunities to support the growth of the maritime economy across the Gulf Coast region,” Gaudet added.

USM is currently the only university in the world whose Logistics curriculum qualifies students to be awarded Demonstrated Senior Logistician(DSL) and Demonstrated Master Logistician (DML) designations through the International Society of Logistics (SOLE). According to SOLE, these designations “are provided based on continuous experience and professional development.”

Students in the Applied Technology and Industrial Engineering Technology/Logistics programs are typically non-traditional students who are employed full-time in their field, but need a four-year degree in order to seek upward mobility in their field or organization.

In these academic programs, students utilize career and technical education (CTE) skills learned as they obtain their bachelor’s degrees and apply their competencies in the workforce. And after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, graduates have the opportunity to earn higher credentials, leadership positions and greater economic success.

“We are thrilled to partner with The University of Southern Mississippi to offer an innovative pathway to a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Technology,” said Dr. Tina Tinney, Chancellor of Nunez Community College. “This unique articulation agreement between Nunez Community College and USM provides a seamless transfer for students who are interested in supervisory and management roles in CTE fields. Through flexible online coursework, students with an Associate’s Degree in a CTE field can earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Technology or Industrial Engineering Technology within two years. This articulation agreement opens the door for bright, highly motivated students who want to experience all that our two institutions have to offer in academic quality, convenience, and preparation for career success.”

Gaudet added, “Southern Miss looks forward to implementing a successful pathway for students completing either of these two degrees to support organizations with the human capital needed to compete in today’s global economy.”