by Tina Seymour Demoran, Esquire

We’ll make the coffee.

Today, as I write this column, I and my husband are sitting in a hospital waiting room.

My second granddaughter, Sutton Raye, is on her way and expected any hour, now.

On my right side is my laptop…and on my left side is a large to-go cup of coffee.

I smile as the familiar aroma reaches me.

So many memories that smell evokes.

Late night study sessions in college and law school and studying for the Bar.

Early morning refueling after a long night shift at the hospital.

The fondest memories I have are of me sitting at my MawMaw’s kitchen counter, watching her percolate a pot of coffee, and telling her about all my hopes, dreams, and the problems of my youth.

Big-time problem solving issues…especially when you’re seven years old.

I learned so much at her kitchen counter, lessons that have served me well, even now, as the owner of my Law Firm.

These days, my coffee consumption usually exists around early morning trips to courthouses to make docket calls and when I stroll into my office and Linda hands me that first cup of the many I’ll consume at the firm each day.

Linda’s coffee is famous.

She’s going to offer you a cup of freshly brewed coffee as soon as you enter our firm.

If you’re a client who comes in often, she’ll learn how you prefer it served and make sure it’s just how you like it.

I have found that talking over a cup of coffee is the best way to find out what a person’s problems are from a legal standpoint and what they hope to accomplish if we have to go to court.

What are their concerns? What are our case’s weak points?

That simple cup of coffee can be a bridge between many minds, to ensure that we all stay alert, focused, and diligent in our efforts to work together to ensure a positive outcome.

My friends, no matter where you go with your legal issues, find a law firm that keeps this type of focus in mind.

Where they meet with you on a personal and professional level, and work with you to ensure that your concerns are addressed.

Where they learn how you like your coffee.

If you’re ever on Lemoyne Blvd, stop by the office. I can assure you that Linda will have a pot of her famous coffee made.

If you ever have a legal issue and just want to talk to an attorney to see if you have a case or if your concerns are valid, give us a call and make an appointment.

Let us sit down and discuss it with you.

We’ll make the coffee.