by Hunter Dawkins

With minor discussion from the board, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen unanimously approved to uphold the Planning Commission’s recommendation allowing Tillman Infrastructure to build a new cell tower on Beatline Road.  City Attorney Jim Simpson previously advised the board if a unanimous decision was not reached in this matter, a reason for objection would need to be written.

The emergency proclamation for Tropical Storm was unanimously approved followed by the termination, which the board authorized.

Under new business, the board was presented a resolution for Restore Act Grant Funds which was pursuant to the Mississippi law enacted.  In a roll call vote, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen unanimously passed the measure to submit the grant application for these funds.

Mayor George Bass brought discussion to the board about a problems with a few trees in the Live Oak subdivision.  After a discussion concerning the city liability, the board unanimously passed a removal of the pine tree and oak tree roots once the quote was evaluated.

Finally, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen unanimously adopted Budget Amendment in Fiscal Year 2019, approved personnel matters, and accepted the month of June revenue/expense report.

In other actions, Simpson gave the board draft copies of the Franchise Agreements from C Spire and Southern Light to review and discuss on the August 6 meeting.

Following a discussion by City Engineer David Ball, the Board took no action when receiving the bid for asphalt repairs.

Beginning the meeting, Michelle Ponte of the Ladies Auxiliary for the Knights of Columbus Msgr. #4898 requested allowing their help with beautification of two intersections on Pineville Road.  The board unanimously allowed the Ladies Auxiliary assistance after the Architecture Committee’s review.

Additionally, the board unanimously appointed Christine McCummins to the Library Board for a five year term.

Finishing up, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen took no action in an executive session called by Simpson.

The next meeting is set for August 6th at the City Hall at 5pm.