Gazebo Gazette

Tuesday, June 25th, the Long Beach Police Department arrested Rhiannon Elyssa Farrell for a charge of Grand Larceny.  The arrest came after the result of an investigation, which concluded that Farrell stole an automobile from a restaurant off Highway 90 in Long Beach.

On the afternoon of June 19th, the suspect gained access to a vehicle that was not hers and fled northbound on Cleveland Avenue.  The stolen truck was a white in color 1997 GMC with a chrome toolbox and has a Patagonia sticker on the back windshield.

From the report, Farrell removed all contents in the GMC once taking the truck.  The automobile was located at a later time period and returned to the owner.

Farrell was transported to the Harrison County Adult Detention Center at 7pm Tuesday and incarcerated on a $10,000 bond set by Justice Court Judge Dianne Ladner.