by Calvin Ishee

After a citizen complaint nearly a year ago as well as a robust two-hour meeting, the Pass Christian Planning Commission approved a proposed Short-Term Rental Ordinance by a unanimous vote of 7-0. City Attorney Malcolm Jones provided a 20 minute summary that set forth the parameters for the proposed ordinance.

The Commission addressed each line as presented by Jones and made decisions on the “specifics” that included minimum age restrictions, fee structure, noise restrictions, approved locations, violations, etc. Furthermore, the Commission allowed public comments whereby eight citizens took full advantage of the opportunity to voice their opinions. Primarily, input came not only from those with a vested interest in the ordinance, short term rental owners or property managers, but also the Commission heard from an attorney as well as several short-term rental customers.

The general consensus from those making comments were in favor of short-term rentals. They stated that the City of Pass Christian direly needs the “economic engine” that short-term rentals provide to local businesses. It increases the number of people staying in the Pass, which means there are more people available year-round to patronize local businesses.

The next step involves the Pass Planning Department making the Commission approved revisions and then putting them before the Board of Alderman for approval. According to city sources, the City will “properly advertise” this meeting, whereby the public will have one more chance to speak on the matter. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the proposed ordinance will be introduced at the June 18th BOA meeting.