by Hunter Dawkins

Last Tuesday evening, The LBSD Board of Trustees unanimously accepted the bid proposed by Orocon Construction, a gulf coast company in Biloxi to build the new high school and complete all renovations.

The board authorized the district Superintendent to execute a signed contract between Orocon and the LBSD which was signed on June 19, 2019. The contract included the “right to proceed” which means construction will begin very shortly.

General timeline: Orocon will begin asap to mobilize and will begin the removal of asbestos on July 1 with demolition set for July 16th.  Updates will be provided as milestones are met throughout the construction phases.

Completion of the academic complex is still scheduled for August 2020.

In other actions, the Board unanimously approved the consent agenda with a claims docket, numerous student releases and accepting fifty news children into the school district, accepting $8500 in donations, adopting new handbooks and approving a new organization chart.

According to Long Beach School Superintendent Dr. Jay Smith, all of the organizational charts are delegated to Assistant Superintendent Lori Price.

Even though no action was taken on accepting a new insurance policy, BXS Advisor Joey Beattie wanted to make sure the school district was covered with the architect.

Finally, Dr. Smith informed the Board of having one week to approve the budget and tennis court bids will occur.

Additionally, Dr. Smith expressed a participation in the new School Safety Act, which was recently signed by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.  The first week of school will be set apart for a drill week.

Board Member  Debra Cook was absent from the meeting.