by Hunter Dawkins

After discussion of deadlines for federal programs with the new fiscal year and updates on additional targeted & school improvement (ATSI) actions, the Harrison County School Board unanimously approved 30 agenda items Monday night at the Henry Arledge School District Building in Gulfport.

Of these items, seven were to approve either affidavits or requests for schools to remove or add resources from their fixed asset inventory.  The schools were North Gulfport, Harrison County Child Development Center, Harrison Central Elementary, Pineville Elementary in Pass Christian, and D’Iberville Middle.

The next six items unanimously approved were approving agreements with a few Harrison County municipalities and other Gulf Coast school district for student transfers in the 2019-2020 school year.

Then, the County School Board authorized the contract with the Mississippi Department of Education for Vocational Services in the next school year with the rehabilitation agreement of cooperation.  This contract would provide transition services.

In other actions, the school board adopted a resolution for a memorandum of lease of the ball fields that are owned by the school district.

Finally, five payments were allowed to businesses for payments of applications in school projects.

Beginning the meeting, Harrison County Federal Programs Director Melissa Garrison discussed upcoming deadlines for Title I, II, IV, & ATSI.  June 14 is the tentative time for county school board approval.

Personnel approval for the county school district was unanimously approved along with the lowest quote, but no action was taken for the single source.

The next Harrison County School Board meeting is scheduled for June 17 at 6pm.