by Calvin Ishee

After almost a year in the making, the Pass Christian Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 28th, 6 p.m., to get resident input on it’s proposed Short Term Rental Ordinance.

According to City Attorney Malcom Jones, in addition to participating in a seminar on this issue, the city also researched short term rental policies from cities across the nation.  Jones expressed that “the only thing they had in common was the issue and not how to deal with short term rental properties”.

Although the “specifics” of the draft ordinance can be found on the City’s website,, here’s a brief summary what’s being proposed: short term rental properties will be limited to certain areas;  applicants will be required to pay yet to be determined annual license fees; properties must adhere to building codes and fire regulations; each property must have a property manager that lives within 25 miles; music and other activities that unreasonably disturb the peace will have specific time restrictions and owners of short term rental properties are prohibited from serving food on site to occupants.

So as the saying goes, “speak now or forever hold your peace”, this is the opportunity to make sure your voice is heard by City officials. Do you support short term rentals?  Should they be charged a bed night tax just like hotels? Should a higher licensing fee be charged?  How will the ordinance be enforced?  There are many remaining unanswered questions and now is the opportunity to get answers.

Make your opinion known on Tuesday, May 28th, 6 p.m. at the Pass Christian Municipal Court Room.