Gazebo Gazette

Monday morning at the County Courthouse in Biloxi, a solemn invocation was delivered by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors.  “Legally, we have to meet,” said Board President and District 3 Supervisor Dr. Marlin Ladner.  “We would like to schedule a recess to attend the funeral of Biloxi Officer Robert McKeithen.”

The National Cemetery in Biloxi hosted the officer’s funeral for the slain patrolman, Robert McKeithen.  Thousands were in attendance to pay respects for the service to the community by the fallen Officer McKeithen.

Officer McKeithen was shot and killed at the Biloxi Lopez Quave Public Safety Center Sunday, May 5.  Five arrests have been made in the crime; including the shooting suspect, according to Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson.

An investigation is ongoing for the crime and the Board of Supervisors will conclude their meeting Monday afternoon.