West Harrison JRTOC Cadets cut open the flag in a symbolic gesture of honor and respect for the U.S. Flag. Photo by Hunter Dawkins

by Hunter Dawkins

The West Harrison High School JROTC Hurricane Battalion, along with the Daughters of the American Revolution, held a formal flag retirement ceremony this Tuesday afternoon. This very reverent service occurred outside the West Harrison stadium.

West Harrison High School Senior JROTC Major Maraya Jemmott led the school’s JROTC Cadets in the honorable service to retiring the U.S. Flag.

“Preparation for this event was a whirlwind, as the weather was not participating,” said Jemmott, who received an award at the end of the ceremony for her service. “The ceremony means so much to us as cadets and for our family members.”

Jemmott explained the service was a symbol of respect for a U.S. Flag that it be cut in certain parts and eventually burned instead of tossed away.