Tina Seymour Demoran; Esquire, Seymour Law Firm, PLLC

I spent three hours on the road this morning to attend a hearing to close an estate in Smith County.

I arrived an hour early to speak with my clients and now we are sitting in the courtroom, waiting on the 9:30 docket call.

Hurry up and wait.

It’s the story of an attorney’s life.

We wait for our clients to call us.

We wait for the first consultation.

We file the initial paperwork and then wait to get on a busy docket schedule.

We wait for opposing counsel to answer our petition.

We wait for the hearing dates.

We wait for the judges to make their decisions and sign orders.

All this waiting makes us good time stewards.

I see other attorneys conferring with each other about upcoming cases. Typing on laptops and checking emails. Holding phone conferences in the hallways with other clients.

I’m spending my waiting time by writing this week’s column.

I look out at the non-attorneys and see a mixture of boredom, nervous faces, and anxiety in the courtroom.

That’s when I realized that, while the wait seems sometimes unbearable for us….it truly is worse for our clients and those who are trying to handle their legal cases without hiring an attorney.

This morning, I made a vow to be a little more patient, a little more understanding, of those who do not work within the legal system every day.

Sometimes in the quiet of waiting is where we find true insight into other’s issues. Into how others view a situation.

Therefore, this blue jean attorney enters this Easter week…this Holy Week…by wishing all of you a restful and peaceful Spring.

Look around you. Think of how others are dealing with the same type of situation you’re facing. Offer a kind word and a helping hand to those dealing with difficulties in their lives.

I guarantee that the feeling you get from just these small unselfish acts will not keep you waiting.