by Hunter Dawkins

One main topic of discussion last Wednesday at the Long Beach School Board meeting was about adopting a resolution for a payment agent being the city in relation to the school district’s general obligation bonds.  School Board Attorney Jim Simpson expressed a slight hesitation on accepting of this procedure, as the city of Long Beach could amend their building permit if this resolution exceeds a certain amount, but advised approval.

After deliberation on this subject, the school board approved the resolution by a unanimous roll call vote.

Following the personnel recommendations unanimously approved by the school board, Long Beach School Superintendent Dr. Jay Smith address the board with a few transfers, retirements, resignations, and mentioned a few important dates.  Former Federal Programs Director; Lori Price, was promoted as Assistant Superintendent of Accountability along with Long Beach High School Assistant Principal Patrick Bennett boosted to the alternative school principal.

Athletically, two resignations were accepted by Long Beach School District Athletic Director Terry D’Angelo and High School Baseball Coach Shane Rutledge.  The school district’s transportation director Russ Badeaux was named the athletic director while Rutledge moved to employment as the new director of transportation.

D’Angelo wrote a letter to the school board discussing some family health matters with Rutledge switched positions in the school district from leading the baseball team for 7 years.  Even with D’Angelo’s position being filled, the head baseball job will be vacant at the end of the season.

Several dates for the deadline of bids on May 14 and budget meetings on June 18 completed Smith’s report.

In other actions, the school board accepted travel requests for the high school student council, the girls golf team to the MHSAA State Championship in Laurel and a summer fundraiser for the high school theatre department.  Additionally, the board adopted a few request uses of facilities from outside customers for events.

Finally, an issue tabled was the recommendation to approve the Child Nutrition request for a price increase for the next school year by twenty five cents.  School Board President Tim Pierce asked to have more information at the next meeting.

The next school board meeting was scheduled for May 14 at 6pm.