by Hunter Dawkins (Photos by Charles Saussy)

The Commission of Marine Resources (CMR) took action as a formality to officially close the 2018-2019 oyster season which was open for a total of 7 days that resulted in a paltry 3,800 sacks harvested in the Bolton Auditorium.

DMR Executive Director General Joe Spraggins gave a legislative update mentioning the off-bottom oyster aquaculture licensing bill that passed with overwhelming bipartisan support during the 2019 legislative session.

Department of Marine Resources Chief Scientific Officer Paul Mickle gave a presentation on an Alternative Bulkhead Design Program that would transform the way the agency permits bulkheads and encourage a “living shoreline” design that restores and promotes the natural growth, vegetation and efficiency of the natural environment.

The Commission of Marine Resources (CMR) took action Title 22 Part 7 that will place several fish species such as Spanish Mackerel, Hogfish and Swordfish in compliance with federal regulations mainly relating to possession size limits.

Then, the commission proceeded to take final action on amending the documents to modify regulations regarding recreational fishing, essentially only allowing the take of Tarpon in limited circumstances.

Finally, the CMR gave a brief overview of Amendment 50 from the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council that would give Gulf States control the management of recreational Red Snapper in both state/ federal waters.