by Sean Macken

USM Gulf Park Campus’ Library held a reception Thursday to kick-off their exhibit of local artist Milton Williams.  The “Fun-Da-Mental Adventure in Art, Studies from the Last Three Years” showcases Mr. Williams’ work in acrylics ranging from landscapes, historical, maritime, woodcut painting and experimental art.

Using a pallet knife, Milton adds a texture that projects realism while maintaining a sense of whimsy and varying reflections in every piece.  Williams currently works at the Armed Forces Retirement Home where he teaches art to the residents.

Milton commented working there was an honor to help those that have served.  Additionally, Williams noted learning as much from his students as they learn from him.

Currently, his position has provided the freedom to experiment with new materials and concepts. Included is a piece on display in which he uses computer motherboards as his canvas as if to bring traditional art into today’s technologically driven world. 

Projection of the unseen can be found in his series of pieces titled “Beneath our Islands” where he captures the beauty of the landscape above ground.  Williams envisions the beauty of the natural materials (e.g., shells, tree roots, fossils, sand, etc.) that serve to be the foundations of the Great Barrier Islands of the Coast.

Milton has taken a 3-D approach to the “Beneath our Islands” theme that conceives what’s beneath us as a set of pillars that provides unseen strength to our terra firma.  Several artists can only excel in traditional, abstract or other paining genres; however, the exhibit at USM Gulf Park clearly demonstrates Mr. Williams’ capabilities to deliver top-level paintings across a wide multitude of subjects.

The “Fun-Da-Mental Adventure in Art, Studies from the Last Three Years” exhibit can be found on the 1st and 2nd floors of the USM Gulf Park Library through April.

For additional information please contact Betty Shaw (228-314-2450;