by The Great Foodini

Half Baked Subs is a secret gem in Long Beach right across from City Hall tucked neatly behind a boutique and sushi restaurant.  I typically don’t write about sandwich shops because they are usually box standard. Sometimes a sandwich place can stand out with a unique process or unique items but usually, two pieces of bread and toppings.

What makes Half-Baked Subs stand out is there commitment to fresh ingredients and their assortment of sandwich varieties. There is something in Half-Baked Subs for every taste and if you aren’t a total carbivore like my wife, they have several tasty salad options too.

The first thing on the menu that catches my eye are the Kucala Flats – an assortment of flatbreads with numerous themes.

I decided to try my luck with the Big Al and the The Louis with High Caliber Sauce. The Big Al is a flat bread topped with a smoky marinara and mozzarella cheese blend, generous helpings of ham, bacon, sausage and pepperoni and simmering under the cheesy blanket.

The Louis is also a flat bread topped with chunked tomatoes, onions, chopped marinated steak, sweet peppers, provolone and mozzarella.

Subs are fresh, nearly everything you order is hand made right there while you wait, so expect a bit of a wait, but the wait is worth it.

Out of the seven hot subs, I suggest the Bird On Fire, which is a grilled sandwich with mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. This sandwich is doused in buffalo sauce and ranch and is toasted.

The Bird On Fire is a treat nearly any day of the week.

There is also a full salad bar to make your own concoctions, but there are six specialty salads to choose from, which are all aptly named in accordance with strange themes like Southwest Hippie Chick, Scott on a John Deer and more. I will let you stop in and find out what’s in them.

For a great to go order, there are about a dozen cold sandwich options that travel well. I’m a messy eater and my car’s upholstery will tell that tale.

My only suggestion for improvement with this place would be better marketing. I passed by this spot several times and it wasn’t until word of mouth got to me that I started enjoying this establishment.

The address of Half-Baked Subs is 206 Jeff Davis Avenue, Long Beach and the hours are 11am-8pm except for Sunday, which is closed.  Thanks for reading!