by Hunter Dawkins

Early Tuesday afternoon, a ribbon-cutting ceremony occurred for a new fitness complex inside the Honorable Frances Fredericks Senior Center in North Gulfport.  In attendance, Former State Representative Frances Fredericks spoke about the service of many in helping create the new facility.

Harrison County District 4 Supervisor Kent Jones orchestrated a large portion of funding towards this project and was recognized by the few officials at this event.

“We have projects going constantly and more in this community, Gaston Point, and Magnolia Grove,” said Supervisor Jones.  “I had been looking around and I wanted to do something for the Seniors.  When I was elected, I always wanted to do something special for the kids and the seniors.”

Two alderman of Gulfport, Ella Holmes-Hines and Kenneth “Truck” Causey, were recognized for the city’s assistance on the remodeling of this building.