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Moonlight at Avalon Brings Pass Alum Back

by Hunter Dawkins

The sense of fellowship and loyalty between friends provided a unique opportunity for the community play Moonlight at Avalon at the Randolph Center in Pass Christian Thursday night.  This play’s grand opening night was the first sequence of the Pass Christian Trilogy, written by Trey Fayard.

“The classical definition of what a director does is to be the first audience member,” said the community play director Dr. Will Koolsbergen, an alum of the Pass Christian Class of 1967, after rehearsals on Wednesday.  “At whatever stage we are doing during the play, I’m trying to think about what does the audience want to see.”

Chronologically, the play followed a group of four 1967 Pass High graduates go through fifty years of reunions and life stages.  Although, none of the actors represented any specific person from the class, different local references were presented well and followed along the natural and man-made disasters that have taken place.

Moonlight at Avalon will continue Friday and Saturday at 7pm with a 2pm show on Sunday.

Special thanks goes for the opening night food by Savage Skillet Owner/Chef/Actress Tara Davis for catering the event.

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