by Hunter Dawkins

Once Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson finished reporting the people housed in the Adult Detention Center, Chancery Clerk John McAdams requested an agenda item be moved forward at Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting in the Gulfport Courthouse.  Harrison County Board of Supervisors President from District 3 Dr. Marlin Ladner was present along with District 2 Supervisor Angel Kibler-Middleton, but District 1 & 4 Supervisors Beverly Martin and Kent Jones called in due to travel.

McAdams expressed the need for the County to stop issuing personal checks and begin direct bank deposit based on recent fraudulent activities happening in the county.  When questioned on the telephone by Supervisor Martin about the reason, McAdams conveyed that this could save the county a lot of money and fraud has been occurring among 118 employees.

After McAdams asked Peterson what his department thinks, the sheriff stated that producing personal checks “cost a lot of money and potential fraud.”  Supervisor Martin voiced her concern saying, “People may have a reason to not want direct deposit.”

Following this discussion, McAdams disclosed “the purpose was not to put someone out, but to save the county dollars.”  Dr. Ladner motioned this direct deposit not be imperative yet, but all new hires by the county should be mandatory for this action.  The Board voted 3-1, as Martin voted against and District 5 Supervisor Connie Rocko was absent.

The meeting began with the Board hearing from Harrison County Library Representative Mark Alexander requesting a permit for alcohol at a fundraiser on the Orange Grove Library premise.  Despite a lengthy discussion, the Board of Supervisors denied this action.

In other actions, the Board of Supervisors unanimously acknowledged the receipt of the letter from the MS State Rating Bureau notifying Fire Protection Grading District classification, approving the receipt of funds from the MS State Legislature during the special session, authorizing the County Treasurer to receive reimbursement from the MS Soil & Water Conservation Commission on behalf of the Long Beach Water Management District for Canal Project 1 and approving the docket of claims for the Chancery Clerk in Harrison County to pay these claims.

The Gazebo Gazette was granted inclusion into publishing Harrison County requests for legal notices.