by The Great Foodini

For two years now, Pass Christian has been holding onto one of the most amazing culinary secrets on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. A class act steakhouse called Whiskey Prime.

Now…a steakhouse is a steakhouse is a steakhouse, right? There are only so many ways to grill a ribeye, but this ribeye was amazing as expected. The whole menu of steaks is of course USDA Prime beef. Doesn’t get much better than that, but again. A steakhouse has to do a lot to stand out in my mind. I’ve worked my way around a metric ton of steaks in my day…don’t tell my cardiologist. This one surely did stand out though. Let’s get past the ribeye. The ribeye was tender, juicy and delicious…it’s what you would expect. Being smothered in a delicious roasted garlic butter sauce helped its cause.

Now, the true test of the chef, appetizers and sides. Crispy buffalo fried oysters are an interesting spin for the oyster lover who stops by. These oysters are drizzled with sriracha and crystal butter sauce with blue cheese aioli and is delicious, but a secret oyster item on the menu is even better. This item isn’t on current menus but should be. Sweet Thai chili oysters are everything you need in life at that moment. The oysters are fried in a sweet Thai chili sauce (sorta like traditional bang shrimp recipes) and are topped with melted brie. It is a perfectly balanced blend of sweet, salty, spicy and creamy cheese.

Further down on the appetizer menu is a staple dish on the MS Gulf Coast, the jumbo lump crab cake, which has a nice crisp that is satisfyingly paired with a lemon horseradish mayo dressing.

Now, this is usually the portion of the article where things start getting fun for me. I typically like to end these articles with a couple of items that knock my socks off while I sample a menu.

The Grilled lamb loli pops are perfect. If only this were more mainstream popular, this would be my go-to meat on a stick rather than the turkey leg or corn dog I usually get at fairgrounds. This grilled lamb loli pop just wowed me. I could easily eat a dozen and not feel the least bit ashamed. The loli pops are perfectly savory and tender with a zippy sweet balsamic reduction syrup drizzled on top. The loli pops are my favorite item, but just a hair behind this dish to bring up the silver medal are the grilled beef and blue cheese filet mignon bites drenched in a cabernet veal reduction sauce. The rich cabernet notes hit the creamy blue cheese flavors to blend together in a taste that sits on your tongue in the best possible way.

This restaurant is definitely the best way to cure any kind of blues you might have. You will leave like you’ve been treated like a king or queen and the bartender, Jordan, is a peach; quick witted and friendly as can be.

And of course, being a whiskey bar, I checked out their selection. The first thing that caught my eye was a 10, 12 and 15 year Pappy Van Winkle, which spoke for the entire validity of the place.