by Hunter Dawkins

Despite the absence of Harrison County Superintendent Roy Gill and Board Member Bill Bradley, the Harrison County School Board had numerous activities to handle Monday night at the Henry Arledge Building in Gulfport.  Assistant Superintendent Mitchell King presented five certificates from the proclamation by Governor Phil Bryant.  King read Bryant’s address to the board members, thanking them for their service.

After no public comments, policies and procedures from the Harrison County school handbook were adopted while the concern with the West Harrison baseball/softball field was tabled.

A Title III plan application was unanimously approved as well as the 2019-20 school year calendar, which was presented by King who expressed the need to designate a few days at the end of the semester when teachers are making a transition.

Then, nine consent agenda items were adopted, including a measure to authorize federal funds to pay for FY 2018 Dual Credit and Advanced Placements fees for a student that was not included on the original list.

Finally, the lowest quote on a new safety and security system in the school district was approved.  King explained that the cost would be $33K in 22 different schools for a monitoring fee similar to that of the Hancock County School System.  According to King, Title IV provided federal money, which is what paid for this new system.

No action was taken following two brief litigations that were presented to the Harrison County School Board.  The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 18 at 5:30pm in the Arledge Building.