by Hunter Dawkins

Tuesday afternoon, The Gazebo Gazette luckily was able to conduct an interview with “The Miracle off Second Street”, Julia Usprich, who returned home this weekend after a  month away in hospital care.  Usprich was struck by a vehicle crossing Highway 90 to attend Pass Christian’s Christmas in the Pass.  The individual that struck Usprich was an undocumented illegal immigrant from Honduras.  Julia is a 14-year old student at Pass Christian High School.

The accident being nearly fatal, Usprich was transitioned via helicopter to University of South Alabama Center in Mobile for neurological procedures.  Once these were completed along with leg surgeries, she was transported to the Women & Children’s Hospital in Mobile.  Finally, Julia was sent to New Orleans Children’s Hospital before being released last week.

Usprich displayed incredible energy, performing a few renditions on her jazz saxophone before discussing her status.

 The Gazebo Gazette:  How does it feel being back home?

Usprich:  “Good, but I’m bored a lot.”

The Gazebo Gazette:  You talked about reading, what books are you getting into?

Usprich:  “A Book I don’t really like right now, even though it’s good in the beginning and I’m trying to give it a chance.”

The Gazebo Gazette:  What’s the toughest thing for you to do?

Usprich:  My vision is kind of not great right now, so it’s tough to read right now.

The Gazebo Gazette:  What would you like to get back to?

Usprich:  Playing in bad competitions.

Following these questions, Usprich got the jazz saxophone and played a little music.  Usprich’s legal guardians, Daniel Cohen and Tracie Morgan are currently raising Julia and her twin brother, Edwin due to the sudden death of both parents the last two years.  Cohen was a cousin of the kids’ father, but from Louisiana.

Cohen is currently a licensed plumber while Morgan is a caretaker.  “She’s been hanging out with the boys and reading lightly because of her vision problems,” said Morgan.  Discussing medical expenses wasn’t easy as Morgan said, “We have the GoFund Me account, what Pass & Long Beach School Districts did, & the Dominos Pizza help.” 

After another surgery, should allow Usprich to return to school.