by The Great Foodini

It happens all across the country. A traveler or tourist is in town and one of the first things they do is look up yelp or Google reviews to see where the happening dining spots are. Long Beach Market and Deli is one of those places that shows up in reviews and because it is so far out of the way of I-10 or HWY 90, a lot of folks just don’t venture out to it.

Those lazy people have been missing out. When you first arrive to the Long Beach Market and Deli off of Pineville Rd. in Long Beach, MS, you will immediately notice the laid-back atmosphere on the deck.

Inside, there is also a nice familiar casual coastal feel with a large chalk board behind the order counter and a huge assortment of microbrew beers on offer amongst the shelves.

To the left of the menu board sits the crowning jewel of what makes this place stand out from any other deli. A diploma from one of the most prestigious culinary institutions around, Le Cordon Bleu.

Now all the dishes I have tried here are good. Po-boys are great, wraps and summer rolls are terrific, but I am man of variety and I like something new and different all the time.

The Banh Mi sandwich satisfies my thirst for unique. A traditional Vietnamese staple, this Banh Mi is piled high with roasted pork, cilantro, spicy sriracha mayo, cucumbers, pickled red onions, carrots and radishes on a Kaiser bun. It is amazing.

Another favorite sandwich of mine is the Kogi sandwich. Korean BBQ chicken with sautéed onions, bell peppers, spicy sriracha mayo and fried onion rings also nestled on a Kaiser bun. While you can’t go wrong with either of those two sandwiches, I understand that carbs are the devil and a lot of people would rather do without the bun.

In that case, the Korean BBQ/Bulgogi plate is perfect. In Korean, Bulgogi simply means fire meat because it is typically grilled or roasted on an open flame. This BBQ Chicken is sautéed with onions over steamed rice and a spring mix and fried onion rings and a crab Rangoon. If you try this once, you’ll be hooked.

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