by Hunter Dawkins

After a lengthy public hearing for five properties in question, a presentation was given on the 2011 Annexation Update for the City of Long Beach.

Chad Mask of Carroll, Warren, and Parker firm along with Mike Slaughter of Slaughter & Associate gave the update to the Long Beach Board of Alderman Tuesday night.

A few potential numbers were brought, as the increase in population of the city of Long Beach from the current Census numbers at 15K plus to 23K and financial numbers included the tax revenue jump to a stable sales tax.

“We need a better understanding of annexation,” said Long Beach Mayor George Bass.  Upon completion of the presentation, Mayor Bass suggested to the Board that both gentleman should be allowed to complete the study, which they unanimously authorized.

Following this action the Board unanimously carried was to approve the minutes of the Port Commission with the exception of any action regarding the bait shop lease.

In other actions, with the advice of the City Attorney Jim Simpson, the Board unanimously decided to deny Julius Gritzman’s request for compensation of lost revenue of the Tackle Box bait shop.

Before recess, Simpson expressed a few items to be handled by the Board, such as:

He has met with the City Engineer David Ball and is continuing to work on the Subdivision Ordinance changes. Considering expanding the public right of way minimums instead of easement minimums.

After review of the bait shop lease, Simpson determined that the removal of the fuel from the current pumps is the responsibility of the lesseg Mr. Julius Gritzman. These pumps need to be pumped out so that the decommission contract that was awarded can begin.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 16.