by Katie Shireman, Esq.

The Holiday Season is typically a financial strain on families, regardless of their economic background. Mothers and fathers are faced with the pressure of fulfilling their children’s large Christmas wish lists, while still bearing the responsibility of the normal day-to-day expenses and monthly bills.

One monthly expense that, in some cases, can be quite substantial, is a child support payment. Unfortunately, there are mothers and fathers who must choose between giving their children the presents they want and making child support payments to the custodial parent. This can be a struggle for parents who are trying to make ends meet during the Holiday season.

I often hear clients complain about making child support payments to the custodial parent, who they believe is spending the money frivolously, or on themselves, instead of the needs of the child. So it’s understandable that during the Holiday Season these concerns can escalate, when money is typically tighter for everyone and every purchase is budgeted for.

However difficult it may be, child support payments must be the priority, even during the Holiday Season. Understandably, all parents want to give their children everything they want for Christmas, but if you’re faced with making a child support payment or buying your child a really expensive gift, the child support payment is far more important, for several reasons.

Falling behind in child support payments can result in a myriad of issues:

· Being found in contempt of court

· Garnishment of wages,

· Jail, fines, or both

· Suspension of various licenses such as hunting, fishing, or driver’s

· Lien placed on your property

· Denial of tax refunds

These are serious penalties and should not be disregarded simply because Christmas is around the corner. If you are having difficulty making child support payments, contact a family law attorney who specializes in child custody and child support.

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