by Hunter Dawkins

Tuesday afternoon at the Long Beach City Hall, several measures were adopted, but a few were put off until after the holidays.

Initially, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen (BOA) unanimously approved the regular minutes from the Planning Commission’s December 13th meeting with the exceptions of two parts:

  1. The Noise Ordinance review, which will be done later by the City Attorney Jim Simpson.
  2. The Public Hearing that was set for public streets and private roads will not be scheduled anymore.

Due to the New Years’ holiday, Alderman Mark Lishen motioned to reschedule the January 1 meeting to Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 5pm.  This measure was unanimously adopted.

Following these actions, the BOA approved three applications for special events, including the Long Beach Carnival Association’s Mardi Gras Parade, Long Beach High School Student Council’s 5K run, and the Community Development Association’s Sea Santa Sail-A-Bration.

Based on the recommendations by the city department heads, three education payments were granted, while three step increases were authorized.

City Engineer David Ball addressed three projects for the city, such as decommissioning the fuel facility at the Harbor to Kirk Ladner Excavating, Inc.  Then, Ball provided the status report for the fuel facility at the Harbor where the BOA approved the recommendation.

Finally, the BOA unanimously carried to authorize advertisement for the Lover’s Lane Drainage Improvements project requested by Ball.  This will send notifications to homeowners nearby to notify them of the project.

A public hearing was set on a discussion about derelict properties, where the BOA scheduled the date to be on January 15 at 5pm in the Long Beach City Hall.  This will determine whether or not a specific property in the City of Long Beach  is in such a state of uncleanliness as to constitute a menace to the public health and safety of the community.

The next meeting was scheduled for January 2 at 5pm.