by Calvin Ishee

Remember the cartoon “Where’s Waldo” where you had to really look hard to find Waldo? Well some residents are wondering “where’s the short term rental ordinance”?

Back in early June of this year, Pass Christian resident Ms. Pepper Pearson approached the Mayor and Board of Alderman regarding ongoing problems that she and her neighbors were having with guests in neighboring short term rental properties. She noted late night parties, loud music and lots of alcoholic beverages being consumed by short term renters. She even volunteered to help.

Mayor Leo “Chipper” McDermott directed Joel Sims, Pass Christian Community Development Director to form a committee to address this issue. As verified with Sims, the committee was formed and had several meetings. However, nothing has been presented to the public, let alone the Board as to what, if anything is going to be done to address this issue.

Short-term rentals have been at the forefront of cities like New Orleans, Biloxi, Bay Saint Louis, Ocean Springs as well as others and some have developed local ordinances governing short term rentals. So where’s Pass Christian’s effort to deal with the growth of these rental properties, especially those in residential neighborhoods?

Several sources directly involved with this issue have confirmed that a draft ordinance has been completed for months but it appears to have entered “Where’s Waldo land”.

When asked when a proposal would be made available….crickets. We’ll continue to provide updates, when and if we get them.