by Hunter Dawkins

Today’s society is definitely the most political climate of any generation in America.  In the current environment, words and actions are interpreted differently than ever before.  This statement is not a knock at any advocacy group, protest, or government agency, but it’s a discourse to acknowledge a historical fact:  WE NEED TO RESPECT OUR VETERANS FOR THEIR SERVICE.

America is the greatest nation and is the only country where freedom costs nothing.  WE OWE THIS TO OUR VETERANS.

Look, I am the first to complain about past problems in this nation or state and some of the modern situations that people deal with.

Yet, we have always fought together regardless of the foreign or domestic conflict.

Once again; don’t get me wrong, there are might be plenty of issues with the White House, Congress, government agencies, and companies.  Your respect for our veterans and their service should not matter about political decisions that couldn’t be controlled.

Thursday morning was one of the most iconic moments that I have ever experienced and I have never served in the military.

Long Beach Middle School created a program to celebrate our veterans, led by the children that honored those who served active and past by saluting, saying the pledge, singing a few patriotic songs, two veterans gave speeches, an award given to a local for his service, and the playing of taps.

This proved to me that America has always been a great nation and we will remain the land of the free, home of the brave with a program like this.

Honoring those who serve displays that we are a nation who celebrates and honor the man or woman who sacrifice for our country.

God bless America and those who protect us.