by The Great Foodini

I am going to start by saying that the name Bacchus suits this place thoroughly. Nestled in the embankment just north of Hwy 90 in Pass Christian, revelers can pile in, get stuffed by superb food and go carefree with an assortment of unique cocktails and libations. Bacchus, being the mythological good of food and wine or less euphamisctally speaking, the God of indulgences, the restaurant is adequately named.

Initially, I was first told about Bacchus because of their pork chop Monday special. “Juicy, tender and thick with a side of Jalapeño cornbread –It’s the best ten bucks you will spend on food all week.

The menu is brand new. A revamped assortment has streamlined a lot of the restaurant’s favorites.

Pork chops are great, but more importantly; a brand new item, which is my new favorite appetizer at Bacchus is the firecracker shrimp. It is a panko friend royal red dish tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Now for those of you have followed this column in the past (and have a good memory) will know that I am an oyster lover. I love them raw, chargrilled, baked, rockefellered, bienvilled and on and on, but when I see casino oysters on the menu; I get excited. Bacchus’ Casino oysters did not let me down with their smoky, savory goodness. Their oysters are fresh off the boat from Louisiana and shipped daily to the restaurant.

Legend has it that casino oysters originated on the coast even before we had (legal) casinos…not to be confused with Clams Casino, which originated in Rhode Island near the beginning of the U.S. involvement in World War I.

Let’s just say that I have tried dozens of variations on this dish and the main ingredient is bacon. Bacchus’ Casino Oysters do not disappoint.

Two of the restaurant’s specialties that have really turned my head are the Mississippi Blue Crab melt, which is a crab cake topped with smoked Gouda, Chipotle mayo on a brioche roll. The sandwich called the croquette madame is amazing with every bite. It is the perfect comfort food sandwich, with shaved ham, smoked Gouda, a friend egg and chipotle mayo on brioche roll.

My favorite dish overall would have to be the Redfish Portage, which is blackened Redfish served over a jambalaya cake piled high with crawfish etouffee and crabmeat.

This place is wonderful for a family night out or co-workers celebrating life at lunch. Regardless of the occasion, I will be back often.

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