Gazebo Gazette

The local area could potentially be impacted by 2 separate severe weather events through early next week. We are not expecting a repeat of what we saw last week at this time. There should be fewer severe storms overall and the ones that do develop should not be as intense.


MARGINAL to SLIGHT Risk of Severe Weather late Monday night into early Tuesday morning

WHEN: This afternoon/evening. Possibly again late Monday night into early Tuesday morning

WHERE: Possible in all of the forecast area today but best chance is west of I-55. For late Monday night, better chances along and north of I-12.

CONFIDENCE: LOW confidence that storms will become severe with either event. LOW confidence that more than a few thunderstorms will develop.

Possible/Expected Impacts:
The main threats associated with any severe storms will be:
· Wind gusts 60 mph or greater which could down trees and power lines and/or cause structural damage
· isolated heavy rainfall