Gazebo Gazette

The skeleton of a condominium project started in 2007 on Henderson Point in District 3 of Harrison County has finally been removed.

Harrison County Building Official Theresa Hydrick sent a letter Nov. 6 that said the final inspection of the demolished property has been cleared. The letter stated the approval was only for the demolition of the structures and did not include the demolition of the slabs as agreed upon by the structure’s owner and Harrison County.

The demolition comes more than two years after Harrison County Board of Supervisors Vice President Marlin Ladner moved to have the blighted property cleaned up and the condominium base demolished. The motion received full support from the Harrison County Board of Supervisors.

“It’s been a long hard struggle, but we were finally able to get it demolished,” Ladner said. “I think, no, I know this is going to be an asset to Henderson Point and District 3.”

After the board approved the order in Oct. 2016, 101 14th Ave. LLC appealed the decision. Circuit Judge Christopher L. Schmidt affirmed the board of supervisor’s order on Feb. 12, 2018.

“Tim Holleman, our board attorney, did an outstanding job in leading the charge legally. I also want to thank the homeowner’s association on Henderson Point for their steadfast commitment and dedication to getting the property cleaned,” said Ladner.

Holleman stated that the property should be reviewed.