by Hunter Dawkins

Monday night at the Henry Arledge Harrison County School District Central, the school board reversed the recommendation of the administrative committee to not allow high school aged home-school students attendance of homecoming or prom.

“I feel motivated, our nation is not balanced without constant change,” said Lana Miske, the home-school student that was denied access to a homecoming dance to West Harrison High School due to the handbook policy of the Harrison County School District.  “This change was not only for homeschoolers, but for kids that come from separate environments all over.”

The school board vote was 3-2, as Michael Weaver, the administrative committee and West Harrison Assistant Principal stood to deliver the recommendation before the vote.

“We don’t want to discriminate against any kids,” said Weaver.  “The committee recommends to follow the current handbook policy on this matter.”

School Board Member Bill Bradley suggested that each situation should be handled on a case by case scenario and this should only be allowed for high school homecoming and prom.  After this question, School Board Member David Ladner asked, “why not an administrative committee for a case in each high school?”

Finally, Bradley made the motion to allow high school aged home-school students to be allowed to attend homecoming and prom events after the school’s review.  School Board Member Rena Wiggins seconded the motion, stating, “they should be allowed a chance.”

3-2 decision was cast, Bradley, Ladner, Wiggins all voted yes to approve this change while School Board Chairman Tom Daniels and Dr. Barbara Thomas voted no.

This decision was an emotional positive for the Miske’s; as Christina, Lana’s mother mentioned it “was for the people.”

In other actions:  fourteen consent agenda items were unanimously approved, including allowing twelve travel instances out of state, allowing a few home bound services for students with medical conditions, authorizing two course fees for students that were eligible through Title IV funds, and enabling payment for the Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium membership and sponsorship.

Gulfport Chamber of Commerce Director Hannah Burnett presented two awards given to two Harrison County Teachers for Grants.