by Hunter Dawkins

Before the approval of county schools renovations, the School Board received an online message from Christina Miske, mother of Lana, that was denied entrance into West Harrison High School homecoming with the recent decision by the school board to overturn this county handbook policy.

  • “Thank you to the Board for creating a place of unity and not division. These kids need each other. Medical conditions are not easy to navigate as a parent or a student, and when we have to separate our children from their friends and beloved teachers to take care of necessary medical issues it is very hard mentally, spiritually, and even the emotional toll on the child can cause the physical condition to hurt worse due to depression from being completely separated from the ones you care about. then we are told we are not allowed back for homecoming, prom, even her fav football team. it breaks the kids heart. Lana has been with some of these kids since kindergarten. She is a beautiful smart wonderful person. Thank you for standing up for what is right and fair for the kids.”

After the message, the Board unanimously approved 12 consent items on the agenda, including a $499,000 renovation to Harrison Central High School Cafeteria, payment to Hardy & Associates for over $16,000 renovations, and authorization of $25,000 to purchase land for a future elementary school.

Finally, the discipline committee decisions were voted 4-1 with opposition by Dr. Barbara Thomas of District 4.