by Hunter Dawkins

The Wittmann family runs deep in Pass Christian, where numerous football games have been played or coached by that lineage in the city.

Monday afternoon, Pass Christian High School Head Football Coach Casey Wittmann stepped down from his football responsibilities of leading the program.  Wittmann left the Pirates after a decade as the head coach with a 25-76 record.

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to coach in a town that I grew up in and a town that I currently live in,” said Wittmann.  “To be able to coach the kids of people that my father coached or played with is why I feel extremely fortunate.”

When discussing the reason behind the departure, Wittmann said “the last three years we’ve created some expectations, we have qualified for the playoffs three years in a row, and this year we didn’t meet those expectations.”

Further examining the deliberation, Wittmann portrayed that “after a decade, you look at the end of the year and take self-examination where you are as a program and I felt the kids needed a new message.”

Even though not publicly reported, Wittmann acknowledged that he still wanted to be a teacher and would like to stay in the system.  According to Wittmann, he has not resigned from the school district and he is man of faith, acknowledging that “God puts you where he wants you.”

Coming from the Pass Christian School District, Superintendent Dr. Carla Evers conveyed that “the Pirate family would like to thank Coach Wittmann for more than a decade of service and dedication to our young men on and off the field.”  Additionally, Evers expressed that “he has shown them a great example of what it means to lead with heart and to leave it all on the field, as his Pirate family wishes him well, and will always be a part of Pirate Nation.  Once a Pirate, always a Pirate.”

Pass Christian High School finished 1-9, 0-5 after winning the opening Gazebo Gazette Oyster Bowl over Long Beach 37-34.