by The Great Foodini

With his chin resting on a colorful pastel windowsill, a six-year-old boy soaks in a scene of locals jogging in a salty summer breeze along a beach path with a backdrop of the bay bridge arching majestically above a rumbling train quietly, rhythmically chugging off in the distance over a train trestle spanning the shimmering Bay of Bay St. Louis while the sun lazily sinks into the horizon.

It is the perfect setting for a movie about a small-town in the coastal south. Fortunately hungry locals and tourists do not have to travel all the way to a Hollywood studio to experience this. This utopia is the back deck of The Blind Tiger restaurant.

Inside, away from the tranquil beauty of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a controlled chaos of orders are being taken, dishes being served and revelers sampling a myriad of beach themed cocktails in the breezy open-air restaurant like the Tiger’s Blood, which is a delicious blend of Malibu Coconut, Banana Liquor, Pineapple Juice, cherry juice and grenadine. This drink easily transports a diner to a Caribbean island.

The walls of the main dining area are decorated with beach themed items, while two menus hang on opposite walls. One menu is a permanent fixture of offerings like the hearty and juicy cheddar burger and the crowd favorite Mahi Mahi tacos. The other side of the room is scrawled in the day’s special, which is changed out constantly due to the availability of the fresh catch of the day.

According to TBT management, the reason for the permanent menu is to keep the chef in his wheelhouse to perfect a few dishes that will keep people coming back. The purpose of the Daily Special menu is to give the chef an outlet for his culinary creativity.

One of the items on the menu that can be used as a staple starter is the smoked tuna dip. This dip punches above its weight on the menu because it is slow-smoked for hours and then blended with a few other ingredients constantly throughout the day. This mayo-based dish is light and creamy and a great beginning to a wonderful meal.

For a more substantial dish, try the 1 lb. Royal Reds. These reds are always guaranteed to be fresh and delicious or they are just not offered that day. They are steamed to perfection with a special blend of seasoning and served with corn, potatoes and a butter sauce for dipping.

The most ordered dish is the Mahi Mahi taco plate. There are plenty of franchise restaurants that offer fish tacos for similar prices, but these tacos are far superior for their freshness and quality. This meal will fill up most diners as the tacos are large planks of Mahi Mahi — absolutely delicious.

If you are hungry or needing a break from the mundane, you will find no better place than The Blind Tiger. For the past three years, they have built an authentic beach vibe. The menu is simple, but not plain by any means. Things are just done well.

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