by Hunter Dawkins

Long Beach Alderman-At-Large Donald Frazier made sure of one issue that was on his mind:  do something about the continued derelict properties in the city.

As Frazer asked City Attorney Jim Simpson if there was “something we can do in our ordinance,” the response was that “the city has to fine the owners” and to take them to court.  Simpson stressed the request for public safety and potentially put a lean on the properties because of this.

Even after Frazer declared three derelict properties that need to be torn down after the city has sent numerous notices and these places were in clear violation of Ordinance 570, Simpson explained that the maximum penalty for a misdemeanor in the city of Long Beach can’t be greater than $1000 and the owners have to be in town to deliver the summons.

After discussion with Municipal Judge Bradley Rath and the threat of public safety for three burnt properties, the Long Beach Board of Alderman (BOA) voted unanimously to begin the process of condemning and demolishing these properties that are:

  1. 20019 Sunshine Drive
  2. 247 Reinike Road
  3. 118 Carroll Avenue

Additionally, Frazer motioned to condemn and demolish the abandoned property on 108 Park Row Avenue, which passed unanimously.

Mayor George Bass addressed an agenda item previously on new business, inquiring Simpson about drafting a resolution to ask Harrison County for $75,000 to fund the Gateway Project.  This measure was unanimously passed.

Before recess, Simpson explained the need for executive session to discuss a tort litigation against the city and the need to discuss potential legal proceedings.  The city gathered the information during this closed session, but proceeded to take no further response at the moment.

In other actions, the city tabled four issues, including the tree board appointment, a drafted resolution by Simpson for the board’s review, a library appointment, and the Mitchell Road subdivision plat approval.  The BOA unanimously approved the advertisement for the School Board Appointment; as member Angie Johnson’s term expired, a waiver of Town Green Fees for the Long Beach Carnival Association, an authorization for the Mayor to execute the Municipal Compliance Questionnaire, the Historical Society’s special event application, the Holiday Schedule for this Fiscal Year, and a Tideland Fund Request Letter to be drafted during a work session and submitted to State Representative District 120 Richard Bennett.

The BOA passed the Mayor Bass recommendation to place Bill Stogner as the new Zoning Officer with the Building Department while approving a city clerk step increase and a new hire for the harbor department.

Long Beach denied an appeal to the Pineville Sidewalk Variance Request by Kevin Mulholland, while unanimously approving Court Clerk Emma Ward for a spread certificate of attendance.

Once the meeting began, Mayor Bass made the proclamation that October 2018 as the Domestic Violence Awareness Month.