Gazebo Gazette

Currently, the Long Beach Police Department is conducting an investigation in an earlier incident where a card skimming device was removed by three suspects on surveillance at a 100 block of East Beach Boulevard gas station.  Three males were seen on the video, entering the store and removing a device from the credit card machine near the cash register.  These men were last seen walking west on Highway 90.

It is unknown how long the device had been on the credit card machine, whereas the police department is searching for any information of the individuals on the video.

The first suspect is a heavy set male wearing a gray short sleeve shirt, black athletic pants, dark shoes and glasses.  The second and third suspects were wearing long sleeve button up shirts, black athletic shorts with the number 23 on the right leg and a undetermined logo on the left.  Both were wearing dark hats and athletic slides.

If you have any information regarding these individuals, please contact the Long Beach Police Department at (228)865-1981 or CrimeStoppers at (877)787-5898.