by The Great Foodini

When I first moved to Biloxi and began inquiring where the best places to go grab a quick bite to eat at lunch, I was given a lot of answers. Some good, some not so good, but one still stands out several years later as the go to feel good spot.

One day, when I was hosting a congressional delegation visit on Keesler Air Force Base several years ago, I was complaining that I just wanted a good, cheap and fast burger that wasn’t fast food. T.J. Moran, who is Congressman Palazzo’s Field Representative for this region told me that I should try the Project Lounge on Iberville Dr.

A few days later my burger craving was acting up again and I decided to drive over and check it out. Me and a buddy rolled up to the spot and there it sat right next to the railroad tracks with no windows and a signed scrawled “Project Lounge”. Not only did the place look like a worn out strip club, but it is right next to the dirty movie place. We decided that TJ was pulling a fast one and chose another spot. After a few weeks, I heard another person talking it up. They were saying that if you were stationed at Keesler and you didn’t try their Project Ribeye Steak Sandwich before you left, you had missed out on a cultural opportunity.

That settled it. I was on it like a hobo on a ham sandwich after that endorsement.

I walked in and immediately was stunned by the eerie darkness. I stood at the door and waited for my eyes to adjust from the stark contrast of the Biloxi summer sun to the dark candlelit interior. I felt my way to the nearest table and chair and had a seat.

The waitress came over and asked me “what’ll ya have?” I retorted “What’d ya got?” She asked if I looked at the menu and I told her that I couldn’t see the table, much less a menu. She told me to try the steak sandwich so I did.

By the time the sandwich was cooked and brought to me, my eyes were adjusted and I could see a pile of ribeye meat on a French roll. It was delicious. The kind of delicious that makes you wonder how long you should wait until it is appropriate to go back and eat another one.

Having not satisfied my burger craving, I went back the next day and saw on the menu “The Best Burger in Biloxi”. It’s only $6 and comes with a pickle and chips.

They weren’t kidding. It is one of the best burgers in Biloxi and the best $6 you will spend on lunch any given week.

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