by Calvin Ishee

As previously reported by this paper, there is an effort by the Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District to block the Pearl River, ostensibly to reduce eliminate flooding in the Jackson area. This in spite of the fact that major flooding hasn’t occurred for almost forty years. Organizations for and against have been traversing both Mississippi and Louisiana trying to present their case to politicians and voters alike.

Those opposed to this $220 million plus project cite their concerns regarding the countless unknowns as well as the knowns, such as the reduced flow of water and water oxygen direly needed downstream, negative impact to threatened species of wildlife, adverse effect to the oyster and seafood industries on the Gulf Coast and the dam would erase 1,500 acres of wetlands.

To that end many organizations, cities, towns and counties that are impacted by the Pearl River have submitted proclamations or resolutions in direct opposition to the One Lake Project.

Mississippi State Senator, District 48 Deborah Dawkins, recently asked the Pass Christian Board of Alderman to pass their own proclamation in opposition to the One Lake Project. The Board stated they would take it under advisement and would address this issue at an upcoming BOA meeting. Pass Christian residents have a vital interest in this project due to the potential reduction if not elimination of the Pass’s oyster industry.