by Hunter Dawkins

After a lengthy appeal to the Harrison County Board of Supervisors filed by county residents, Rickey and Cynthia Hood to override the Planning Commission’s decision to deny a conditional use permit that would allow the placement of a manufactured home, it was denied.  The HCO Board voted 3-1 with Supervisor Becky Martin being absent at the Harrison County Courthouse in Biloxi last Monday, September 10.  According to interim County Attorney (due to Tim Holleman’s absence), Patrick K. Williams, the planning commission did not receive the information that was given to the Board, therefore the appeal was unfair to present after.  The appeal counsel brought a few maps of the residence for appeal, which Williams expressed the Board would need to reject this information because the planning commission had not received.

Harrison County Zoning Administrator Patrick Bonk discussed the lack of options given to the Commission to provide a permit.  The Board unanimously passed the two other orders with the recommendation of the Planning Commission’s request to change a zoning district classification and allow a permit for the placement of a Recreational Vehicle (RV), while remodeling the existing house.

Budgets from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Memorial Hospital were heard at the start of the meeting.  Matt McDowell, Executive Director of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Kent Nicaud, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Hospital each spoke their budget for the Fiscal Year of 2018-19.  With a response to District 5 Supervisor Connie Rocko’s questions about the hospital’s fiscal response, Nicaud claimed “this was our best fiscal report in 8 years.” District 3 (West Harrison County) Supervisor Marlin Ladner followed up asking Nicaud about Memorial’s potential move into Jackson County, whereas the CEO responded that this would allow primary care patients to “keep from Alabama.”  Furthermore, Nicaud did express the need to “protect our client base” in Harrison County.

Two individual claims were denied by the Board after each person’s automobile had glass damage that was received by tractors from the County ejecting materials across the road.  Ladner asked about statutory activity, where the department head came up and said that each crossing had street sign warnings.  After a 3-1 vote, Williams told both individuals that their claims could be appealed to the Circuit Court.

Parks and Recreation Director Greg Whitfield gave a PowerPoint presentation on the recent events in the county, including several activities at the Harrison County Fairgrounds.  Once this was completed, Whitfield granted some information about a few upcoming events and delivered some numbers.  The Harrison County Fairgrounds revenue was $15,470, the 4-H revenue was $3764, Arts & Crafts Festival revenue was $6225, and the social media likes have increased by 1300 followers.

Finally, a certificate from the Mental Health Association Director Kay Deneault was presented to Harrison County District 2 Supervisor President Angel Kebler Middleton.

The next meeting was set for September 24 at 9:30am in Gulfport for the end of the fiscal year.