by Hunter Dawkins

With their backs against the wall by losing key players, the Pass Christian Pirates led Friday night’s game against Sumrall for 43 minutes.  Their personnel lack of experience along with a few mishaps in the last five minutes, left the Pirates (1-4) without a win at home yet and a loss of 21-13 to the undefeated Sumrall Bobcats (6-0).

“Well the kids fought hard tonight and we’re down some kids with injuries,” said Pass Christian Head Football Coach Casey Wittmann.  “We were up against an undefeated team at half-time and just couldn’t hold the lead.”

The last two possessions, the Bobcats put their money behind two star running backs with Tyrek Preston and Darryn Coney.  Both of their last drives, Preston had 8 carries while Coney had 4 along with quarterback Senior Dannis Jackson.  Jackson had 20 carries for the night and a 33-yard touchdown in with 5:56 left in the game.  Once Bobcats kicker Brycen Smith kicked the extra point through the uprights, Sumrall held the lead for the rest of the game.

“We had our chances to go in from the 5-yard line and we didn’t, so that’s the outcome,” said Coach Wittmann.  As the Bobcats powered down the middle for 162 yards in the last possession, Wittmann expressed that “it was just running at young kids on our defense.”

The Pirates looked as if they came ready to fight, taking the opening drive to a ten-play series when Pass Quarterback Austin Scanlan struck a wide-open Damonta May on a post route from 39-yards and the first touchdown.  When the extra point was converted with 7:55 left in the first quarter, the Pirates lead 7-0.  Scanlan was replacing routine starter Dustin Allison, who was out because of a concussion.

Shortly after the seventh play of the Bobcats possession, Pass High’s May was playing defensive back and intercepted a deep pass.  With a few downfield blocks, May returned the pick-six 75 yards for the Pirates two touchdown lead.  The extra point was blocked, so the Pass Christian Pirates had a 13-0 lead with 4:27 left in the first quarter.

Neither team had meaningful possession the rest of the half, as Sumrall turned over an eight-play series on downs with 1:17 left in the first quarter, then fumbling with 9:16 seconds left in the half, giving up another interception by May with 4:03 left and finally losing the half with a thirteen-play series where they go no points.

The Pirates didn’t fair better either, although Scanlan punted two in a row, which scaled over 50 yards and left the opposition with lengthy fields.

Sumrall came out blasting in the first possession of the third quarter, scoring from 2-yards out after a ten play series.  Jackson dove in with a 2-yard touchdown leap and an extra point conversion to put the Bobcats on the board 13-7 with the Pass lead.

The teams switched possessions twice each before the final five minutes, where the Bobcats secured the victory.

Pirates junior running back Gordon Ward led the rushing attack with 12 carries for 53 yards.  Scanlan had under 50 yards passing with a touchdown and 2 interceptions.  May had a reception for a touchdown and two interceptions, including one for a 75-yard touchdown.

Pass Christian hosts cross-bridge rival Bay High for their homecoming next Friday.  “Its District play, so we’re 0-0,” said Wittmann.  “We have to get some kids healthy tonight and get ready to go next week.”

The Pirates will play the Tigers at 7pm next week.