by Hunter Dawkins

As the first football game on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Thursday night, Long Beach and Pass Christian High Schools will bring the cross-town rivalry to a clash in the first annual Oyster Bowl at Lumpkin Magee field in Long Beach.

Both teams look a little different in comparison to last year, with Pass High Pirates losing a few important seniors and playmakers while coming off hosting their second playoff game ever in the program.  Long Beach Bearcats shifted directions, hiring a new head coach despite having their first winning season in five years and losing all five seniors on the offensive line.

Regardless of each squads loss, two similarities exist between the cross-town schools.  First, the Bearcats and Pirates have experienced defenses with at least 5 returning starters, which should help them in each district play.

Secondly, both schools have gun-slinging quarterbacks in Cade Crosby (Long Beach) and Dustin Allison (Pass Christian) who have the experience and no fear in competition.  Part 2 of the series will discuss the statistics and breakdown of each player.

Finally, the head coaches feel the utmost confidence that this game will begin the positive roads for the season.

Pass High Football Head Coach Casey Wittmann:  “Execution is the key for all of our games.  We have to overcome adversity and limit our mistakes, as a young team.  This group of guys have practiced hard and we are ready.”

Long Beach Football Head Coach Philip Pigott:  “Our community is so hungry to turn our program from good to great.  We have a system in place that we believe in.  Once our system is implemented, the wins will take care of themselves.”

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow discussing the quarterbacks, as the Oyster Bowl prepares for kickoff Thursday night at 7pm.