Gazebo Gazette

Recently appointed Mississippi State Auditor Shad White released an audit for Harrison County last Friday, July 20 for the Fiscal Year, which stopped on June 30, 2018.

Three findings that could lead to financial errors were made. The problems are related to Justice Court accounting software, Justice Court fee assessment, and Circuit Court accounting software. All corrective actions can be found in the full audit report.  Additionally, a question that required administrative attention was made. This issue is related to outstanding checks and unclaimed funds; as listed in the audit report.

Two audit findings which are required to be published occured, which is explained in the audit report.

White was appointed State Auditor July 5 by Governor Phil Bryant to fill the vacancy left by Stacey Pickering, who left to become the Director of the Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board.  Previously, White served as the Director of the Mississippi Justice Institute and several Republican campaigns before.